National Database

Our 100% CAN-SPAM compliant database of email addresses allows you to get your message directly in front of your target audience without waste. Our system can geo-target down to the ZIP code and offers nearly 750 demographic and lifestyle selects to tailor a precise list of targets to meet your needs. Add in professional customer service with a focus on quick turnarounds and active optimization and you will find our national database is an effective tool to reach your audience and maximize your results.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Be noticed. Reach our highly-engaged subscribers alongside the very best of The Washington Times news, opinion and news content. We offer 300×250 sponsorships on our Daily, Evening, Weekly, Opinion and Breaking newsletters. We can also embed sponsored links to integrate special offers within our Daily and Evening newsletters. Specifications: 300×250 JPG or GIF with click through or third-party email tag

Subscriber Dedicated Email

Send your message directly to Washington Times subscribers with a dedicated email. Send us your creative, and we’ll send it directly to our highly-engaged readers under our brand. Ideal for fundraising, lead generation and direct sales. Specifications: JPG or GIF with click through (max width 600 pixels) or custom HTML. Creative design services also available.


Online display ads will be served to those users who opened an email within your broadcast. Email retargeting is a simple and effective way to complement an email marketing campaign with display advertising. This technique works the same way as traditional site retargeting, but allows you to target email openers rather than website visitors. Email retargeting shows ads across various display networks.